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Workshop | 2024
Context and Anatomy

Architecture through the lens of vernacular and conservation.

Led by Field Architects


15th May - 27th May 2024


Palay House. Phey, Ladakh


CEPT Summer School @ceptsws


Field Architects @fieldarchitects


A travel-based design studio to understand the vernacular architecture of Ladakh and design in response to it. Vernacular built forms all over the world are observed to be intuitive, sustainable, and community-driven. The workshop prompts the students to explore context-responsive buildings within the background of Ladakh, its local materials, and their craft. Ladakh being at the cusp of a very fast cultural-economic shift makes it a place to explore the true potential for this project.


The workshop is a collaboration between, Field Architects and Achi Association India.

Objective, Description, and Learning Outcome

The primary objective of the course would be to study and develop a relationship between vernacular materials, architectural geometry, and creative structural design at the intersection of history, archeology, architecture, conservation, craft, and technology within the landscape of Ladakh. Adding value to the study by observing contexts of both materials and skills with respect to politics, ecology, and material culture.


The outcome would be to develop a well-informed design process by identifying areas of possible interventions and exploring creative responses. Further developing an anatomical model of the project along with required graphic panels for a crit/jury.




The school will be conducted in two parts:

The first week will consist of a series of lectures, study tours, and discussions towards developing a context and generating a brief in collaboration with the participants towards the desired outcomes.

The second week will be a hands-on site and studio work to develop and detail out the brief in a workshop format leading to a physical exhibition and DPR (which is to be compiled later)

Student deliverables

A design and a detailed project report developing the anatomical model of the project, along with required graphic panels for a crit/jury.

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