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Achi Association India hosts interns each year for its projects. Special internship announcements are publicized every year. Due to Covid, our internships may be delayed or re-imagined in 2021-22.



Internship is open to post graduate students from Ladakh currently enrolled in a postgraduate or above programmes leading to a degree in the field of museology, anthropology, archeology, conservation, design, architecture or the social sciences.


Nature of Work


Work on Achi projects, assist in field research and documentation, organise activities at the office, such as talks, lectures and outreach initiatives by Achi Association’s experts, along with monitoring of activities on site.




  1. Internships are located at Achi Association office/sites in Ladakh. Interns are selected on the basis of the Association's need and caliber of the candidate.

  2. The positions are full-time beginning June every year.

  3. Internships are for three months, ending August.

  4. The intern is paid a stipend of amount of Rs. 7500 / month (all inclusive.)


How to Apply


Applicants are required to submit a Personal Statement; Curriculum Vitae; Transcript of passing of the last qualifying examination; and one Letter of Recommendation.


Applications can be sent by email to

Application Materials 


As part of the application, you will need to prepare the following materials:


  1. Personal Statement: The Personal Statement should consist of no more than 500 words (two double-spaced pages) that explain why the candidate wishes to work with Achi Association India and how the internship fits with their background and career goals. Also a description of what you hope to achieve from the experience and what you believe you can contribute.

  2. Resume/Curriculum Vitae: Current resumes are required for all applicants.

  3. Transcript: Transcripts are required for both undergraduate and graduate degrees completed or in progress.

  4. Letter of Recommendation: Applicants must have a letter of recommendation preferably from someone from an associated field.


For enquiries the candidate may write to

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