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Residency | 2024


July - August 2024


6 weeks


Phey, Ladakh

Number of Residencies

2 from India or elsewhere in the Himalayas

1 from Ladakh (Leh and Kargil)


Rs. 30,000

(in addition to food and accommodation, can be used at your discretion)


Chemat Drojay; Baptist Coelho; Achal Mishra; Saloni Bhatia; Abeer Gupta

Pheymakerz is a Residency for makers whose body of work reflects engagement with the western Himalayas and/or with Ladakh. The  residency will provide a space to build on and continue their work while providing an opportunity to directly engage with and live in that context. 

Palay House is a space for research, reflection, and developing ideas where humble accommodation and meals will be provided for the individuals. 


Open to early career individuals with creative or professional training in or across disciplines such as Art, Design, Architecture, Photography, and engagement with ecology, environment, cultural heritage, and anthropology. We invite individuals who have been practicing for a minimum of 4-5 years and their portfolio and resume reflects so.

Participants will have to fund their travel to and from Phey, however field visits to local artist studios, and the surrounding areas will be coordinated with Palay House personnel. Production expenses for the final open studio/ exhibition will be provided after a prior discussion based on projects. 


Any further queries or clarifications can be sent to us at

Applications Closed. 

Application Deadline

1st June 2024


Ecology; Material Culture; Conservation; Heritage; Cultural Anthropology

Residency goals:


  • Establish an interface between artists engaging in meaningful ways with Himalayan material culture and ecology. 

  • Building a creative community of practitioners who work directly with the Himalayan context and who are seeking to collaborate. 

  • Display of interdisciplinary projects that engage with the western Himalayan context.


  • Organise discussions/film screenings at Palay House with a focus group of artists and researchers. 

  • Interaction with local school children in Phey - thematic/disciplinary workshops.

  • Make presentations / open studios at Palay House every fortnight. 

  • Total of 3 open studios, with the third open studio also being an exhibition of work, open for public engagement.



  • Some added funds will be made available for exhibition (Production funds).

  • Mentorship from Ladakhi artists.

  • Collaboration with Ladakhi artists.

  • Resources to learn about Himalayan material culture and ecology.

  • Exploration of critical approaches to material and environmental conservation. Exhibition at Palay House.

Palay_Window 2.jpeg

Application Process:


Materials required: Concept note, Resume, Portfolio (previous engagement with the context).


Portfolio: This can consist of any medium depending on the nature of your work/engagement. Please carefully curate and present your work in any way you choose, as either a 5 page PDF or a 2 min video.


Candidates will be shortlisted after which Interviews will be conducted to determine the incoming group.




  • Artists who have been practicing for 4-5 years, reflected in their portfolio.

  • Body of work reflects past engagement with the Himalayas and/or with Ladakh more specifically.

  • We are particularly interested in participants from the Himalayas, but participation is not exclusive to this region as long as your practice is contextual to the Himalayas.

  • A formal degree in either the chosen area of work or discipline would be useful, but candidates will be chosen based on the commitment and rigor displayed in the proposed project.

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